About Wanari


It’s good to have you here, at the Wanari Business Blog, or, as we lovingly call it: #wanaribuzz

We are a small, but mighty group of software engineers based in downtown Budapest, we develop software on a daily basis.

We’ve been building software since 2000, so wouldn’t say we are a startup. Although we do like a lively atmosphere, so it does feel like a startup when you step inside our office. How it goes: we did consulting in our early days, then we built enterprise solutions for big companies (see our website for more), then we started working on mobile apps around 2009. Now we mostly work on creating the best software experience possible. We are well-versed in massive systems, but we also like digging into MVPs and cute little mobile apps… so we might not always have time to post on here. 🙂

If you are a software engineer, you should check out #WanariLeaks, our engineering blog, too!

Here is the team:


So, we hope you will like our posts about mobile app development estimates, tips & tricks and do’s and don’ts of hiring software gurus, here on #wanaribuzz! The list might expand as we figure out what we want to write about… (Believe us, it’s hard.)

If you have questions to be answered or concerns to be addressed, please make use of our comment sections! Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn for even more content from us!

Anyway, we hope you find these insights useful. If you have more insights, let us know! Guest bloggers welcome!