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Those of you who are in the midst of making an Android app, this post is for you.

According to a recent survey many app owners are not aware of the importance and course of uploading their app to the store. I intend to give you a step-by-step guide and answer the most frequent questions we get on this issue here at Wanari.

An app’s life starts with its planning and a carefully crafted specification (read more about the essentials of a great specification). However, it can save you a lot of time if you get familiar with Play Store’s requirements upfront.

As you probably know, mobile apps are usually not uploaded to your own server in order to make them available. You buy a developer licence and through that you upload your app the store for a one-time fee of $25.


Important: whoever owns the account owns the application. You, as the owner of the app have to register in the system and give permission to your developers to operate on this account.

So here are the steps, you as the owner have to take:

Play Store made easy:

1. Setting up a developer console

1.1 Transferring your application to another developer’s account

Not all info gets to the new account!

These are the ones that definitely transfer:

Things that do not transfer:

If you will need these data in the future, make a copy of them.

If you collect these info in advance you can fasten the transfer:

If your app isn’t free or if there are in-app purchase options, the destination account also has to have a Google Payments Merchant’s account.

2. Adding developers to your developer’s account (dealing with permissions)

Account owner


3. Creating and updating a developer’s page

Essential for promoting the brand or app. Creating a developer’s page isn’t required.

Necessary info:

Optional info:

4. Uploading an app

After you’ve registered a Google Play developer’s account, you can upload apps using the Google Play Developer Console.

4.1 Adding the APK file

4.2 Dealing with APK files

Apps’ package names are final and not changeable. They cannot be deleted nor used again on another app.

APK files sizes are restriceted

Read more about the details: APK Expansion Files

5. Appearance in Google’s Play Store

Play’s search function is extremely important as users find applications they’d like through it. If you optimize your app’s profile well, then users will find it easily on Google Play.



Promotional text

Pictures and image content

Here, you can show how the app looks and feels like. It’s essential to upload quality images.

Screenshots: appear on Google Play, the app’s page in the store and on the Play app.

Optimalization for tablets: Tablet App Quality

You most provide an Icon which is:

More information: Icon Style

Promotional video:

Pro Tip: Your videos should be short (30 seconds to 2 minutes), only showing the most exciting functions of your app.

These are the things you should prepare in order to be ready for the time your app is ready for its users. This way, the end of the project won’t turn into a hurried gathering of information to meet your deadline.

Not many things are as frustrating as an app ready to be presented to the world with a Google Play account yet to be registered. If you wait till the very end to get started with your registration, it can take weeks before your new users can actually start downloading your app.

If you start working on the registration in time, preparing to answer the questions I provided above, uploading your app will be easy as pie.

Of course, here at Wanari, we do our best to help our clients throughout the process. If you have any questions at all, feel free to get in touch!

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