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Hello World!

Welcome to the Wanari Business blog, from now on to be mentioned as Wanari Buzz or #WanariBuzz 😉


You might know, we have a tech blog called #WanariLeaks… so you might wonder why we’d start another blog. Well, as much as that one is the outlet of Wanari’s android, iOS & full-stack developers, this will be the outlet of our business minded ones. We will write about mobile app development… but don’t worry, we won’t use as many obscure words as we do on leaks.wanari.com! We will share about the do’s and don’ts of getting a mobile app for your business, the cooperation between client & software supplier, things you should prepare to get a proper price estimate, things you should ask yourself before you ask “How much?” …

So, basically, Wanari means business around here. We appreciate your input, so if you agree, please share. If you don’t agree, you should share then as well, we should have a nice conversation about how we are right.*

If you have any other questions, topics, you think we should write about, if you want to be featured as a guest blogger, if you have an app that you want us to look at, if you have the most brilliant idea & you want to share it with us, or if you just want to brighten our day get in touch via hello@wanari.com, we will be happy to hear from you!

* Yes, that was a joke: We do appreciate lively conversation & we think the world would be a boring place if everyone always agreed. So, please uphold your point & let us engage! 🙂 We love to listen, too!

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